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Identifying and Avoiding Harmful Ingredients in Soaps

Embarking on a skincare journey demands a keen eye for product labels. At The Little Goat Soap Company, we prioritize your well-being by unravelling the mysteries behind harmful skincare ingredients. This guide is your compass to a safer and more informed approach to skincare.

The Menace of Harmful Ingredients

Parabens: Unveiling the Potential Risks

Parabens, commonly found in skincare products, serve as preservatives. However, research suggests Parabens have the ability to mimic the hormone estrogen within the body, causing disruption to the regular functioning of hormone systems, impacting both male and female reproductive system activities, reproductive development, fertility, and birth outcomes. Additionally, parabens can disrupt the production of hormones.

Sulfates: Beyond the Foam

Sulfates play a role in enabling soaps and shampoos to remove oil and dirt from the hair or skin. But, for optimal hair health, it's essential for the hair and skin to maintain a certain level of its natural moisture and oils. Sulfates have the potential to extract an excessive amount of moisture, resulting in dry and unhealthy hair and skin. Additionally, they can contribute to a dry scalp, making it more susceptible to irritation.

Phthalates: A Stealthy Intruder

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to make plastics more long-lasting.  Some phthalates are used to aid in dissolve other materials. They are often called plasticizers or concealed under the term 'fragrance,'. Phthalates, when absorbed into the body can block female hormones, or in males, suppress the hormones involved in male sexual development.

Transparent labeling is our commitment, ensuring you know exactly what touches your skin when you choose The Little Goat Soap Company products.

The Little Goat Soap Company Difference

Transparent Formulations

Our commitment to transparency extends to our formulations. Every ingredient is meticulously chosen and our ingredient lists are proudly shown under each product on our website. Each ingredient we use has clear purpose and benefit for your skin. Say goodbye to ambiguity and embrace skincare with confidence.

Rigorous Testing

Before reaching your hands, our products undergo rigorous testing. Not on animals, or in labs, but on ourselves, real people with real reactions. We prioritize not just effectiveness but also safety, ensuring that each product meets our stringent quality standards.

Making the Switch to Safer Skincare

Transitioning to a Healthier Routine

Switching to a safer skincare routine doesn't mean compromising on efficacy. The Little Goat Soap Company offers a range of products such as Soaps, Lotions, Shampoo Bars, Lip Balms and Bath Soaks that blend science and nature, providing you with a  luxurious experience without the baggage of harmful ingredients.


In the pursuit of radiant and healthy skin, knowledge is your greatest ally. Arm yourself with the information needed to make conscientious choices. At The Little Goat Soap Company, we stand by your side, offering skincare that not only beautifies but also nurtures. Elevate your skincare journey with us, where safety and indulgence exist side by side.


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